Active Projects

Main objective of EMERGE is to define and validate a new measurement framework for emerging power systems and its validation  for selected measurands: frequency, rate of change of frequency, voltage and current phasors, active power in at least two scenarios defined by the phenomena dynamics (and reflected in the selected reporting rate if the measurements and associated steady state flagging concept).

Secondary objectives are SO1: Derivation of prosumers load curves (in the form of two quadrant, 2Q load models), using machine learning models; and, SO2: Embedding 2Q load models in an optimization framework for real time control in low inertia grids for scenarios including local and distributed storage (WP4, lead dr. Irina Ciornei).

The goal of I-GReta is to develop solutions for planning and operation of highly flexible energy systems benefitting from storage capacities. These will be capable of integrating high shares of renewables in regional and local energy networks through integrated demand flexibility and forecasting on building level as well as large-scale optimization-based control of electrical, heating and cooling consumption.

The consortium intends to build a real-world digitalized and decentralized energy system. I-GReta will connect 5 trial sites in 4 countries via a professional ICT platform benefitting from FIWARE components. Occupants, owners and system operators as key need owners will participate and assess the operation of the respective systems in a Virtual Smart Grid (VSG) based on the platform. A key use case will be the trading of storage capacities via the platform. Individual storage solutions will additionally provide high value and immense impact potential in the local perspective.